10 pair 3-pole arrester magazine JA-1302

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Update Time 2018-05-30
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1.    For 10 pair LSA module, with security sign

2.    The base of the arrester magazine is accepted for the 3-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube

3.    Provide over-voltage and over current protection


1.    Material of plastic parts:PBT V0 UL94 or ABS

2.    Contact pin:phosphor bronze with silver-plated


Protector magazine is mainly used for converter surge protection .

it is an effective apparatus for prevention of over-voltage and over-current caused by the influence of thunder and lighting over cable or circuit, or caused by electricity wires induction and short circuit.

Protector magazine is widely applied in all kinds of distribution case and distribution frame that adopt 10 pair disconnection module.

Features of protector magazine with 3-pole surge arrester:

-  Damage prevention caused by the thunder lighting and electricity wires induction, self-recovery without the maintenance or replacement.

-   Containing 10 groups of fast short-circuit apparatuses. short-circuit connection will function when over-voltage and over-current appear

-     When protector magazine starts to work,its failure mode is that the inner wire and external wire form short circuit. After malfunctions is smoothed,new protector magazine or new apparatus CL shall be used.

-        Meanwhile apparatus CL can assure no fire due to over-current under the situation of any over-current

-         Sensitive action for over-voltage protection

-          Housing of protector magazine adopts anti-burning plastic and dust mask is included. it has pleasant appearance and is easy to install.

Main technical characteristics protector magazine with 3-pole surege arrester:

-  DC breakdown voltage: 230V(100V/s)

-  Impulse breakdown voltage: <=800V(1KV/μs)

-  Impulse discharge current: 10KA(8/20μs)

-  AC discharge current: 10A(220V/AC)

-  Insulation resistance:>=100MΩ(100V DC)

-  Insulation protection performance:<=10s(2A 220V)