3 Electrode gas discharge tube JA-1305

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Update Time 2018-05-30
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1.   Voltage: 230V

2.   Apply to the 10/8 pair 3-pole arrester magazine, the tube designs strictly under the principle of airtight contacting. Used for the over-voltage protection of telecommunications installations.

3.  Material: aluminium

4.   Dimension: 7.5mmX12mm

Gas tube arrester are mainly used for the protections against the high energy disturbance from the external cable.

That is usually called promary protection.

-      User's terminal equipments,such as telephone, electrograph,modem and etc.

More and more extract electronic elements are used in telephones, electrographs and modems etc. Once an over-voltage current away to the ground.

-       CATV,coaxial cable , video system,cathode ray tube protection

Our GDT are particularly applicable for protecting coaxial cables of  CATV networks.

Because of low self-capacitance(about 1 PF),the gas discharge tube will not occur disturbance to protected system even if in the events of high frequecy. The discharge tube is placed in protection module and connected with the shielding layer and te ground.

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