50/100 pair 110 wiring block JH-4210
50/100 pair 110 wiring block     JH-4210
50/100 pair 110 wiring block JH-4210



1.    JH-4210-50A, 50 pair with leg
2.    JH-4210-50B, 50 pair without leg.
3.   JH-4210-100A, 100 pair with leg.
4.   JH-4210-100B, 100 pair without leg.
5.   With label holder
6.    Material:PC

We can provide : 110 connect block with or without legs(50 pairs or 100 pairs),Label holder,4-pair connector,5-pair connector,This product combines the easy termination features of the 110-style punch-down system with the proven performance characteristics of modular jacks

From the closet to the workstation,the 110 cross connect system offers a complete, cost-effective means to wire a building for unshielded twisted pair applications

Patch panels and jacks are available in T568A,T568B wiring standards,making the 110 connect system adaptable to changing requirements.