Mini Picabond AMP Connector Crimping Tool MR-1 hand crimping tool

Group Insertion Tools
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2017-12-08
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MR-1M hand crimping toolPicabond mini-connectors
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MR-1 Hand tool to be used with Mini loose piece Picabond connectors 251101-1


MR-1 hand crimping too 251101-1 is designed to crimp picabond connectors in through, tapping,and bridging operations, The tool can be hand-held or it can be used in tool holder 251852-1 with or without the frame adapter 229175-1.

The tool features two wire supports, a set of dies (anvils and crimpers), a wire cutter, and a handle assembly. in use, te wire supports hold and position the wires in the crimpers, As the tool is cycled, the wire cutter cut off excess wire, then the crimping dies crimp the connector to the wires. continuous pressure applied to the moving handle forces the link to snap te tool handles closed, thus completing the crimp cycle, after the cycle is completed, depress the release lever to open the handles and remove the crimped connector.

Determine the wire gage and combination of conductors to be joned. then refer to figure 2 for the correct cnnector, Note the picabond connectors can be used for 28 through 19 AWG copper conductors that are insulated with plastic, paper,or pulp materials.